Thursday, August 21, 2008

In Memoriam Dealing with Deaths of Pets

As I was catching up on one of my favorite forums I came across this topic that set my mind in motion, to think of the fact that many in the world today have experienced loss, whether a family member or a family pet that was emotionally taxing. In it the soft insides of who we are slowly immerse themselves in a new light. It is those feeling, those beats of your heart that you truly see how deeply in love you were with this entity. With this pet, that only offered unconditional love and companionship in your own trials and tribulations. In this thread the soft underbody of who we are as human beings. Those emotions often kept under lock and key fearing for hurt, fearing for loss break lose and in that you truly feel the depth of your perception of this loss.. This topic in itself is a difficult one for anyone to deal with, though it is par for the course of life, even with Focusing Forward through life there is always those inevitable moments of frustration, those challenges that appear those low times on the rollercoaster that is often our life. In those low times, in that loss of a pet or family member we enter that state where things are most certainly difficult. A popular quote goes

...even this shall pass

it is in that interpretation of the glass full or the glass half empty that you truly see more of who you are. Perhaps a side you are not so interested in, the darker part of yoru being. Or just simply the most supple part of who we are. The area that we do not want to be hurt. The area of our being that is in line with the sadness, the loss that is a part of life as we live it.

With Fluffy G Passing, and Panda just previous to that it was most certainly a challenging time, a time where family came together to remember to recall what we loved about these two animals who had passed so suddenly. It may of been a very long time between the time they came to the house and the time they died we pay no attention to time when there is such love. Often we really have no clue how much time passes as it often passes so quickly it seems like only moments. These two cats who passed to early, are still remembered the collars once worn still remains as a standing memorial. For Panda her ashes are within a box by my Mothers bed and a picture of her right above it. The impact of such love and such caring is never forgotten. Perhaps the physical beings of these animals arelost but their memory continues to reside for as many years as we are alive and even beyond that.

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