Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Pets are amazing

When I look at little mona or any of these amazing pets, it astounds me that when you talk to them they seem to be quite interested in what you have to say, in fact they appear as if they understand every word of it or just intrigued by the sound of the voice.

Mona is a bright kitten so my guess is she understands more then most, although with so many pets in a home, there is bound to be a connection amongst each of them. As there is a reason they decided to stay here, certainly there is ample opportunity to go and run, but thus far even if they do go out. They come back, to a place they consider home. A place where there is love and caring and fresh food and water. Even a farrow cat in time can be trusting. Not as much as you may like. Though with love so much is surely possible, as such it intrigues to me observe these animals. And to note the love so freely offered to their owners. Why is it in this day and age what was once unconditional in some aspects has become conditional. Depending on to many variables, unconditional love sometimes appears lost.

In society today it does make sense to be weary, with the diversity of the world today but does that mean for those you hold close you should also set conditions?

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