Sunday, January 13, 2008

Mona & Her Story

A wonderful well mannered little tortoise shell kitty, a recent addition to the household, with good mannerisms and five claws, in great health and just enjoyed her first holiday in the house. She was the continuation of what could of been Fluffy, if all had gone as planned. It is to bad it did not work the way as was once expected too. She has made it interesting surely a kitten through and through. It is good to have her at home.

Revised - 02/11/:58
Well since I have initially entered this entry much has changed and seems appropriate to update as the holidays have passed and the new year has begun. Since this was specifically for Mona the kitten, I thought I would add some information. She made it through the holidays, her first holiday season within our family. And already she is about 6 months or apparently teen years for a kitten at about 6 months, so now she is testing anything and everything not unlike a teenage daughter or son. There are the good times and the difficult times with this kitten. In getting through them the rules and regulations are made concrete in a kittens mind. After which time good habits will be formed. In an ideal world at least. As we cannot see in the future at the very least we can work in the present as she becomes accustomed to the limitations.

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